SAMPLE ​​​​​ Work Orders for   


#254- (Cou) 10am appointment-  Screen Door will not close, Main Bath door does not latch, (1) Window needs screen and caulking, (1) Window needs screen.                                                         Estimated 1 person,1hr to complete, estimated price $35

#292-(Eig) 9-10am Appointment-  Install 4 smoke detectors, replace broken light bulb in garage, Repair garage entry door to latch properly, Drywall/tape/mud/primer one side of basement wall, Replace light in 2nd bedroom, repair bathtub leak (probably drain assembly), Replace exterior hose bib, Install downspout extensions, Replace dishwasher, Repair side window upper lock (installed upside down), tuckpoint and morter front porch.,  Possible fence repair.            Estimated 2 people, 1.5 days,  Price $560

#283-(Mor) 10-11am- Install 2 smoke detectors, Repair shower handles, repair leaking toilet, Clean and repair gutter over porch, Replace broken light switch, Replace broken tile.                                                                       Estimated 1 person, 4 hrs, Price $125

#294-(Ver) Repair leaking shower handle, Replace screen on rear doorwall (remove duct tape), Replace 2 smoke detectors

                                                                                                                                                   Estimated 1 person 2 hrs, estimated Price $55

Harper Woods 

#293-(Kin)  Repair leak under kitchen sink.                                                                            Estimated 1 person 1hr,  estimated price $35